Turns any USB device into a network device! Either wired or wireless capable. Give virtual servers full USB pass through regardless of whether they are located onsite or hosted on a remote cloud server, with no need for additional plug in software.


The USB Genie also functions as a wireless USB port that can bring network wireless mobility to most non wireless USB devices such as spirometers, ECG devices, software licensing dongles, identity dongles, optometry devices, midi musical instruments, and many others…………


When using as a thin client on a terminal server you have full USB access. Work remotely across the internet and use your local USB printer, or other device, but only install the driver on the server. No local install and no need to configure easy print. Pure Simplicity..................


Virtual Server to USB direct pass through.
Terminal Server to USB client direct.
Wirelessly share USB devices over a network or across the internet.
Extend your wireless network to USB devices
Cloud to USB Direct
Terminal Server Client
Will run for up to 8 hours on a mobile phone power bank

Specific Solutions

Share Zebra printers, high speed scanners, and other such devices
from terminal servers and/or server networks.

Use software license dongles over a network or terminal server.
Extend your wireless network to some USB medical devices for
fast accurate data transmission.

Extend your wireless network to USB devices
Use as a dumb terminal client for a terminal server.
Run back up directly from virtualised servers.

Powerful Microcomputer

The USB Genie features a 1 gigahertz dual core processor, 1 Gig of RAM, a gigabit network connection, 2 x USB 2.0 ports, Wireless 802.11 HD video and audio output.


1x USB Genie
1x Multi Country Power Adapter
Fully compliant AU, USA, EU and UK

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